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​Marco Simioni is an experienced audio editor and mixing/mastering engineer based in London, UK.

​He worked at c3 Studios — now BigBiz studio located in Brescia, Italy — as a mixing and mastering engineer, reaching the third and fourth position in SoundBetter’s global chart as the best studio focused on EDM and other electronic music genres in 2014.

After that experience, he decided to move to London and get a degree in Music Technology (Mixing and Mastering) at the London College of Music. Thanks to a friend and colleague, he covered several extra duties: sound designer, foley artist, boom and ADR operator, sound mixer and editor. Now he is mainly working as an Audio Editor at SIDE Global.

He has worked with many different talented artists, to name a few: Octavian, Mattia Saviolo, Nico Cabeza, banrat, Aseq, MC Artboy, Horizons, Syntax Erika, Vishal Ramakrishnan, and luce are the talented artists who asked for his services. Check his page on SoundBetter too!

Concerning his music, he released his debut EP "Phaneron" on Detroit Underground back in early 2021. Then in late 2021, he released the Ambient album Zeitgeist on the legendary German label "Mille Plateaux" together with Mattia Saviolo and Riccardo Marcucci, a.k.a. banrat. Last year, together with Matteo Mazreku and Francesco Pio Nitti, he released "Qualia EP" on the legendary underground Utrecht label "U-TRAX" as QUALIA, as well as a track and a remix on Kaer'Uiks too - go and check this stuff out on Spotify!

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Your track needs an extra push? Contact me - I will be delighted to get your music to the next level!

London, UK

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