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Rhythmic Encounters Exhibition

20th October @ Chalton Gallery, Gallery Event

24th October @ Corsica Studios, Live Event

A K E A (Sound duo - Marco Simioni & Riccardo Marcucci)
Mercedes Marín (visuals)

Resonances of a far away planet, the mechanical translation of an unknown music, notes of a nearby ecosystem, and the noises produced by the inner body are some of the ideas that come to mind when listening to the modular sounds produced by A K E A. The experimental work of this duo seizes the space and merges with the digital landscapes that Mercedes Marin creates liberating the 'human body' from its social and spatial constrictions. In the exhibition space the video guides us through fleshy scenarios, in which amplified images of beautiful organs and corporal fluxes transform the body into more abstract entities.

How do we relate to each other and establish connections in an era of virtual exchange and over-information? and how can digital stimulations such as sound and moving image, help us to guarantee physical encounters and to generate spaces for the commons? This project aims to answer these questions proposing the public to initiate a sensorial experience in the gallery. The audiovisual work facilitates context and proper conditions for communication and exchange; at the same time it invites us to explore identity issues, self-awareness and emotions' politics in relation to our closest environment.

Rhythmic Encounters is a two-day event that creates a place where the digital and the physical converge. It aims to question the possibilities of expression and relation between people in the space through the development of an interactive audio- visual performance in a gallery and in a music venue. The connection established between these such different environments aims to bridge the gap existent between their regular audiences and offer new scenarios of representation. The project presents new commissions by the sound-duo A K E A and the visual artist Mercedes Marín.

The sounds and images will be pre-produced for Chalton Gallery and intervened during the second session at Corsica Studios, creating a similar environment, but highlighting the parallel behaviors that the public shows in the two spaces.

Rhythmic Encounters is curated by Natalia Benitez and Alba Folgado.


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